The Weird Wild Web: Sites Amusing and Bizarre Great alternative news site/blog. Lots of articles, interviews, and videos of musicians who are touring through Philly. Plenty of politics too. Recently hosted a few articles by missioncreep's Mike Walsh. The founder of Ben Franklin, of course.  
  Vivian Maier's Street Photography Vivian Maier was unknown until approximately 100,000 of her photos turned up at an auction when a storage locker was cleaned out. She died at about that time. With these sites, her incredible b&w street photography in New York and Chicago from the 50's through the 90's is getting the recognition it deserves. Also, see the blog by the John Maloof, the guy who discovered her work.  
  The Longest Way A young man with great photography skills decides to walk from China to Germany. Why? He's not sure. He makes it only about a third of the way (4500 km), but he creates a great web site and an even better video.  
  The Human Marvels A great site about peculiar people and their inspirational stories. Oddities, freaks, monstrosities--whatever you want to call them. These portent and exceptionally unique human beings stand as uplifting testaments to human spirit and serve as inspiring examples of human tenacity.  
  Slackjaw Jim Knipfel's amazing and hilarious Slackjaw column appears weekly at Electron Press. Don't forget the Slackjaw archive here on missionCREEP.  
  Tales of the Buffoon A dark, comical graphical novel based on an age-old folk-tale by painter and missionCREEP contributor Mitch Gillette.  
  Germ Books The awesome independent alternative book store in Philly's Fishtown. Esoteric writings, conspiracy theories, UFO books, science fiction (specializing in Alt-History, Post-Apocalypse and Cyberpunk), preparedness, etc. Germ also host a rotating art exhibit and numerous events weekly. Run by David E. Williams and founded by the late, great Jennifer Bates.  
  Kev Monko photography A friend of the missionCREEP and Expresso Tilt contributor who just so happens to be a great photographer. If you need a professional photo, Kev Monko is your man. Also, check out his wedding photography site.  
  the banned books They have a release called mission creep, so how could we not recommend it? It contains a song titled "mission creep," and it rocks. Download it for whatever you want to pay.  
  Wikipedia Awesome.  

David E. Williams

Web site for notorious Philadelphia musician David E. Wiliams. This music is intense, uncompromising, and disturbing. It's also grandly orchestrated, and the lyrics obsessively honed. An absolutely fiendish sense of humor. A true original.  


Ted Adam's great photography. Also, see his site on missionCREEP.  
  Mullet Sighting Is there such a thing as too many pictures of people with outrageous mullets? Not for us. This is a blog about mullets, and the people who run the site invite you to send photos of your own mullet sightings to  

Mullets Throughout History

Short on top, long on back, feathered on the sides. That strange 70s haircut still rules. This site has compiled a list of the great mullet sites on the web, like Mullet Joe.  

Museum of Bad Art

The society for the preservation of "art too bad to be ignored." These folks never tire in their efforts to bring the "worst of art to the widest of audiences." Terribly wonderful.  


Ow, that translation hurts! Hundreds of hysterical examples of English mis-translations in Japan.  

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

It is a little known fact that Ms. Spears is an expert in semiconductor physics. Not content with just singing, in this site she guides you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format.  

Mike the Headless Chicken

Learn all about Mike the Headless Chicken, a fiesty fowl who actually lived after his owners chopped his head off. They then took Mike on the sideshow circuit, and Mike lived another 18 months, earning his keep. That was in 1945. Mike's hometown of Fruita, Colorado, holds a festival in his honor every year.  

Darwin Awards

Celebrate the theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of those who improved our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.  

Hats of Meat

One always looks neat in a hat made of meat. --Mark Twain  

Fat Chicks in Party Hats

"Fat + Fat + Party Hats = This!" Uh, okay then. Astonishingly and gleefully weird. This site is too idiotic to take the insults seriously. Webmaster Miguel evidently has an intense fat fetish. "Ha! HA! HA! We fell through a floor we are so fat!!! Woops!"  

Betty Bowers

She's a better Christian than you could ever dream of being. Hysterical send-up of the born agains. Check out her Christian Crack Whore Ministries. Highly recommended.  

Last Page of the Internet

Like the man said--Now go outside and play!

For people who like to drink alcohol.

A new animated cartoon every day about -- doodie! By an artist formerly with the Simpsons show.  

I kiss you!

Mahir, the Turkish Internet sensation! One day he woke up to a million hits, and his life has not been the same since. He likes accordions, table, tennis, taking pictures, and sex. Besides his enormous schnoz and his Speedos, he's even got his own fan club. Plus, he's gotten to travel the world visiting his fans.  

The Third Nipple

Odd site about a not-as-rare-as-you-think abnormality. Very funny with wonderfully dumb graphics.

Cruel site of the day. It's surprising how many truly cruel sites people create and how funny they can be. Would love to win some day, but just isn't cruel enough.  

Winking Jesus

Did that Jesus on the screen just wink at you? Well, did Jesus wink or not? Jesus did wink at, of course.  

Landover Baptist Church

The funniest online ministry on God's green earth. An amazing religious spoof. "If you are unsaved, you are not allowed ... on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!"  

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