Fourteen Stations

The Stations of the Cross Reimagined

Stories by Mike Walsh, Carvings by Susan Hagen

These fourteen wood carvings and stories are the result of a collaboration between artist Susan Hagen and writer Mike Walsh.
They contain no traditional religious content and espouse no particular religious philosophy.


Station 1. Fred is condemned to death
Station 2. Sheila takes up the cross
Station 3. Bruce falls down
Station 4. Jim meets his afflicted mother
Station 5.
A stranger helps Scott carry the cross
Station 6. An angel wipes Phil's face

Station 7. Megan falls a second time
Station 8.
Wade consoles the women of Jerusalem
Station 9. Dave falls a third time
Station 10.
Mimi is stripped of her garments
Station 11. Lori is nailed to the cross
Station 12. Barry dies on the cross
Station 13.
Monica is taken down from the cross
Station 14. Tina is placed in the tomb

All carvings: limewood, oak, metal, oils; 20" x 23" x 3"; 1992-93.

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