Poetry from No.9



The kitten chases imaginary rodents
across the carpet.

The cat sleeps and dreams
of wingless birds.

My wife whirls and spins and soars
at modern dance class.

I remain behind
to tackle the obvious.

-- Fabian McCarthy, Jr.

Toy Spiders

I bought my new love two toy spiders
She wound them up and pressed their bellies
They fornicated upon her wall
It was electric, better than television
My new love smiled and tweaked my nose
"Look how the small one is smoking a cigarette,
Look how the big one is leaving to buy her a present..."

-- Glen Armstrong

A Little Awe for Unskimmed Milk

Wrestling lions, squint-eyed
searches for The Center,
smouldering heretics whose last
wish is a car-wash in Carmel
with free ice-cream cones and
affordable Guides to Who's Who
in Haiku, some sense of awe
for unskimmed milk.

-- Wayne Hogan

The Process

"Write," she demanded.
"I can't."
She pulled out her pistol and carefully aimed it at me.
Even then, I was unable.
She proceeded to pistol-whip my buttocks.
Ideas came to me.

-- Evan Griffith


roaches play shortstop
slugs lace up
umbrellas bicker
rivers wear summer
hats, and Eunice?

Eunice leaves
for Grand Rapids.

flies chew tobacco
fleas cook spaghetti
dump rats debate
the stats
in economic textbooks

is that Linda
looking for a bus?

an arrow with a note
rips through
the plasterboard
the bed smells strange
both legs shake as

Sally takes her IBM
out West.

on the dusty urn
the android peels
an apple from his brain
and she's gone too--
--the travel agent,

years ago,
to puny Portugal.

-- Jack Shadoian

I Yam What I Yam

My mama was a Madonna
and my papa was a Rollin' Stone.
Who do you think you are?

After we fall in love
'neath the Schwarzenegger poster
we use the last of the
Princess Di soap-on-a-rope,
happy as Lizzendick.
Vannalike, you lick your lips,
turn to me and sigh,

I used to feel so bad and lonely
like a hairball in a holy place,
shitcan among the stars,
till I saw there's an
Elvis imitator in all of us.
My life was different after that.

-- William Merricle

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