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More artwork by James G. Mundie

James G. Mundie's
Cabinet of Curiosities

Original drawings, prints, and photographs from anatomy and medical museums in the United States and abroad

Prof. Jas. G. Mundie's photographs on Flickr

and Instagram
Capturing various spectacles such as circus, sideshow, rodeo, and demolition derby

Stanek Gallery

James Mundie is represented by Stanek Gallery in Philadelphia

The Mütter Museum

of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia:
One of the world's finest medical museums
Alternative art, humor, stories, etc., featuring the work of several Philadelphia-based artists:

Parables in Glass: Judith Schaechter
Unique wood carvings by Susan Hagen
Bonnie Lasses: paintings by Tina Newberry
Slackjaw: autobiographical essays by Jim Knipfel
Creative non-fiction: Sarah McEneaney
Mouth Wash: essays by Mike Walsh
Art on a Stick: B. Amundson
Mixed media works by Ted Adams
Order, Chaos and Dreams: Carol Nowak
Paintings by Mitch Gillette

James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed!
On & Off the Midway
The journal devoted to all things sideshow
An encyclopedia of novelty & variety performers & showfolk

Sideshow World

Preserving the Past, Promoting the Future:
Interviews, tour routes, news, stories from the good old days, and more about the fabulous world of sideshow.

Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists

MART is dedicated to a shared mandate to advocate the showmanship of oddities; espouse the belief in natural adaptation and mutation; and encourage the desire to create displays of curiosity

Sarina Brewer's Custom Creature Taxidermy

Peruse the culmination of nearly three decades of the study of art and the natural sciences in Sarina Brewer's eccentric works

World of Wonders

Founded by sideshow legends Ward Hall and Chris Christ, the World of Wonders is one of the last ten-in-one sideshows still in operation

Johnny Eck Museum

Artist, magician, musician, freak, and so much more:
the world of Johnny Eck, the Half Boy

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. is a non-profit performing arts organization dedicated to increasing the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the history of circus, sideshow, vaudeville, and related arts through activities including performances, lectures, print media, and workshops for the general public as well as creating opportunities for cultural exchange and fostering a sense of community...”
Yep, and they're also a heck of a lot of fun.

Sideshow Bennie and His Carnival of Wonders
A one-man ten-in-one: “From fire eating and fireball spewing, to walking and leaping, barefoot, in broken glass, to pounding nails and screwdrivers into his nose, to lifting weights with pierced body parts, Bennie's act is an 'I shouldn't watch and enjoy this but I can't help myself' phenomenon.”

Kitten DeVille

The living embodiment of burlesque

Scotty the Blue Bunny
Half man, half wild animal — the interdisciplinary, inter-species, multimedia performance phenomenon

Matt the Knife
The 'cutting edge' of entertainment

Harley Newman, Professional Lunatic
A sideshow performer who holds many world's records for the dangerous (and entertaining) feats he performs

Circus Museum: Collectie Best
Dutch website dedicated to the late Jaap Best's collection of circus posters and memorablia

The Barnum Museum
The museum devoted to Bridgeport CT's most famous son, Phineas Taylor Barnum.
The collection features items from Barnum's career, as well as exhibits relating to his life and enthusiasms.

Coney Island U.S.A.
Preserving the past, present and future of Coney Island, New York - America's playground by the sea

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the appreciation of the Lower Jurassic
The world's largest selection of books and music, offered at reasonable prices. A portion of all sales referred through this site directly support, so please click here before your next purchase.

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