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Gallery of Items from James Mundie's Collection of SIDESHOW EPHEMERA

"Conjoined" is copyright    2002 by James G. Mundie. All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.
Conjoined, woodcut, 7 x 5.5 inches, 2002

In these galleries one will find items from artist James G. Mundie's personal
collection of sideshow and circus artifacts. These items include pitchcard
photographs and other items that freakshow performers sold on the midway to
supplement their income. Other items represented here include rare newspaper
advertisements and other promotional materials. Where possible, James Mundie
has included biographical and historical information about the people and
objects depicted. This is an ongoing project with new information and items
added periodically, so please visit often to see the latest additions and updates.

Conjoined Twins
Bearded Ladies
Little People
Circassian Beauties
How I Became the Tatoo Queen
Curiosities of Human Nature — 1849
1934 World's Fair, Chicago
Eli Bowen —
Legless Acrobat
Living Skeletons and Fat People
The Life Story of Francesco Lentini
A Victorian Cigarette Card
Sealo, the Seal Boy
Sells Floto Circus — 1930
The Boston Museum — 1850
Lowell Mason —
World's Smallest Gospel Singer
Ray R. Myers —
The Armless Musician
Martin Laurello
Frieda Pushnik —
Armless and Legless Wonder Girl
The Great Omi —
The Zebra Man
Percilla Bejano —
the Monkey-Girl
Frances O'Connor —
Living Venus de Milo
Bill Durks —
Three-eyed Man
Clico —
Wild Dancing South African Bushman
John Williams —
Human Alligator
coming soon:
Strange Animals
more to come...

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