Bigtop Flophouse Bedspins by Judith Schaechter

Stained glass, 38" x 28", 2001

"I hate clowns. This is what the archetypical drunk clown hallucinates as he passes out. All the animals and children laughing AT him--not with him! Plus, this was a technical exploration into the layering of imagery. The piece is very three-dimensional in person (as are a lot of them, actually)."--js

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Ancestor Worship
Big Bang
Bigtop Flophouse Bedspins
Bird Theif Strikes
Child Bride
Corona Borealis
Cyclone and Cyclone Fence
Donkey Ducky Dream
Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
Dreams of Cheese
Dutch Tile Fever
Exquisite Corpse
Farmer + Scarecrow = Pieta
Foul Mouth
Girl vs. Mess
Jazz Funeral for Didi
John Fletcher Hamlin Is No More
Pale Oval
Ship on Her Shoulder
Sitting Not Working
Slut of the Year
Snakes and Ladders
Speech Balloon
Student Gynecologist
St. Violentine
Swan Dive
Tiny Eva