The Beginning
(1984 - 1985)

The Gipper Issue

The inaugural issue in 1984 was dedicated to the Gipper, aka Ronald Reagan, and his landslide re-election. Appropriately, it featured the first-ever Gipper centerfold!! The editors posed this question on the cover: "Can anyone stop this man's face from shaking?" As we now know, that just wasn't possible.

The Gipper and His Friends at Dirty Dick's, a story by Mike Walsh

The debut of the No Joyce Carol Oates guarantee!!! It remained steadfastly in effect for ten mighty issues.

More Early Nonsense

Tips for Writers (what NOT to do to achieve fabulous fame and fortune)

The Shaggs and How They Changed My Life by the editor

The Wonder of Leonard Nimoy -- Homage to the stirring, inspiring poet and singer.

Laverne LaToole, a short story set in an X-rated movie theater by Bruce Michael Gans

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