Overdoing It (as usual)

Editorial Contrition: Sorry About All That by Mike Walsh

Letters, Classifieds, and Comics

Hitting the High Note by Larry Stolte

Leftist Sign Language by Joe Queenan

Conspiracy of Embarrassment: Pencil-Neck Geeks Exposed by Mike Walsh


Doin' The Dog: A Concise Guide to Bus Travel in America by B. Amundson

Chula Boleras: A ball, a beer, an alley, and there's peace - A Film Review by Brian Gordon


Life and Death in the Potawatomi Valley Apartment Complex by Kurt Nimmo

The Romance of Ms. Fish and the Midget by Tom Whalen


Poems (with frames or without frames) by Jon Longhi, Ron Pronk, Rodney Alling, Brian McGlynn, David Reid Dillon, and Steven Jacobsen.

Poems for David Cassidy by Jennie VerSteeg


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