Our Kinda People

We're people persons. We're people who need people (except for a particular person). And we're the luckiest people. This page is dedicated to our kinda people.

The Divine Mrs. O: Words of Wisdom from Marjorie Orcutt by Charlie Breuninger

The Al Alberts Experience by Kev Monko

Burnette G. Pletan: The Fastest Artist in the World by B. Amundson

Ode to Ben Burroughs by Kev Monko (with R. L. Malloy)

The Vision of S. P. Dinsmoor by B. Amundson

The Shaggs and How They Changed My Life by Mike Walsh

The Wonder of Leonard Nimoy -- Homage to the stirring, inspiring poet and singer by Mike Walsh

The Miracle of James Hampton by Mike Walsh with a poem by Jones Purcell

Zym Zzyzzo, The Last Guy in the Phone Book by Kev Monko (54k jpeg)

Poems for David Cassidy by Jennie VerSteeg

Fiction about famous people:

Sleeping with Freud by Susan Davis

Cruising with Rimbaud by Kurt Nimmo

Speculations on Wernher von Braun by Neil Shropshire

The Gipper and His Friends at Dirty Dick's by Mike Walsh

Really special people:

Punctuation for People with Big Cocks by Joe Queenan

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