More Early Madness

This character was constructed from trash pickings by Scott Evans and Tom Beckett. It appeared on the cover of Expresso Tilt #3.

Absolute Hooey

Eating America (Mid-Atlantic Style) -- Includes the coveted Man of the Year Award.

Letters and Comics

Ask Miss Ardor

Tilt to the Rescue -- The true story of how Expresso Tilt saved a reader's sanity.


The Miracle of Saint James Hampton by Mike Walsh with a poem by Jones Purcell

Talk Radio, The Last Neighborhood by B. Amundson

Short Stories

Romantique by July A. Jolly

Have a Nice Day! by Kev Monko

Better Bars and Gardens by E. J. Cullen

Speculations on Wernher von Braun by Neil Shropshire


television, a poem by Richard Wilmarth

Poems (with frames or without frames) from Jon Daunt, lyn lifshin, Sheryl L. Nelms, and A. D. Winans


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