No.10, The Goodbye Issue

Stop the Insanity!

The Great Comprise Debate by Mike Walsh

Letters and Comics -- C'mon in and join the fracas

Minor Leagues of Poetry by Steve Cooper

Zym Zzyzzo, The Last Guy in the Phone Book by Kev Monko (54k jpeg)

Rosalind Warren Knows What We Like

Big Breasts!!

Men Who Don't Love Women Enough and How to Shoot Them

B. Amundson Takes Us Inside the Art World

Artists of the USA: A Field Guide

Tips for the Artistic


Cruising with Rimbaud by Kurt Nimmo

Sleeping with Freud by Susan Davis


Holding Together by Jared D. Farnsworth

Two poems by Jon Longhi

Poems (with frames or without frames) by Wayne Hogan, todd moore, Holly Day, Alex Jager, Lisa Caliendo, and Jim Kearney.

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