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Featured Contributors

Several writers and artists contributed to Expresso Tilt on a regular basis, and this page highlights their work. Their work gave Expresso Tilt its unique humor and perspective. Expresso Tilt would've been a mere shadow of whatever it became without these contributors and a few others mentioned on the staff page. The editor has a great deal of admiration for those mentioned below.

B. Amundson

See a separate page for B. Amundson's contributions.

Roz Warren

Roz Warren has edited many collections of women's humor.

You can send her email at rosalindwarren@aol.com or visit her site at rosalindwarren.com.

Joe Queenan

Unusual Tattoos, Punctuation for People with Big Cocks (one of the most popular and funniest pieces to appear in Expresso Tilt), and Leftist Sign Language. Joe Queenan is a widely-published humorist.

Tim Coats

Cowboy and Indians
Ask Dr. Tim Coats: He's Real Smart
Dr. Tim Coats Teaches Us How to Live

Mike Walsh

See a separate page for Mike Walsh's contributions.

Kev Monko

Ode to Ben Burroughs with R. L. Malloy

The Al Alberts Experience

Party Tips with B. Amundson and Mike Walsh

Have a Nice Day!

Kev wrote several nonfiction pieces for Expresso Tilt and published a Zym Zzyzzo cartoon in each issue. He was also featured in the photo spreads for Tips for the Artistic, Artists of the USA, and Party Tips. See Funnies for links to his comics.

He currently works as a photographer.

Lee Peck

Ask Ms. Ardor, Early Issues and No. 5.

Lee Peck was the co-editor and designer of the first four issues of Expresso Tilt. She also wrote nonfiction pieces for several of the early issues and contributed a short story. She has worked as a writer and editor at several newspapers and currently teaches journalism.

Other significant contributors:

Kenny Be contributed cartoons from his series, Worst Case Scenarios, to issues 4 through 10. See Six Safe Sex Rules You Can Live By.

Brian Gordon contributed nonfiction articles to issues 8, 9, and 10. See Chulas Boleras and A Real Life Experience. Brian's unique sense of humor had a major impact on Expresso Tilt.

Wayne Hogan's poems and cartoons appeared in many issues. One of his cartoons graced the cover of issue #6. See the Funnies for links to his comics, and Expresso Poetry for links to his poems.

Marc Landau's cartoons appeared in the first seven issues. He also made several notable appearances in the letters as well. See the Funnies for links to his comics.

lyn lifshin's poetry appeared in several issues. See Expresso Poetry for links to her poems.

Jon Longhi's poems appeared in issues 8, 9, and 10. See Expresso Poetry for links to his poems.

Charlie Breuninger was our Chester County correspondent, contributed The Divine Mrs. O: Words of Wisdom from Marjorie Orcutt, and helped with editing.

Lois Mathison contributed two nonfiction pieces and helped edit issues 6 through 10. See The Gobbler Supper Club and Motel.

Uday Nadkarni donated a great deal of his time in editing and publicizing Expresso Tilt.

Walt Phillips contributed several drawings and a poem. See Cowboy and Indians and Laverne LaToole.

Neil Shropshire's short stories appeared in issues 1, 2, and 3. See Speculations on Wernher von Braun.

Molly Russakoff's poems appear in issues 6 and 7. She also helped select poetry for several issues and wrote a feature story for issue #9. See Expresso Poetry for links to her poems.

Larry Stolte published several humorous pieces in Expresso Tilt, including Hitting the High Note.

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