The Short Stories

Alphabetical by Author

Duff Brenna, Weathering

Gregory Burnham, Miss Hazardous Waste Beauty Pageant

Michael Causey, Harry's Dog

Tim Coats, Cowboy and Indians

Joan C. Connor, Under the Rainbow

E. J. Cullen, Better Bars and Gardens

Susan Davis, Sleeping with Freud

Alan Devenish, Happy Hour

Bruce Michael Gans, Laverne LaToole

Marci Goodman, The Beast

July A. Jolly, Romantique

Richard Krawiec, Growing

Mark Morganstern, Story for a Cold Night

Kev Monko, Have a Nice Day!

Kurt Nimmo
Cruising with Rimbaud
Life and Death in the Potawatomi Valley Apartment Complex

Neil Shropshire, Speculations on Wernher von Braun

Mike Walsh, The Gipper and His Friends at Dirty Dick's

Rosalind Warren, The Year's Best Short Story

Tom Whalen, The Romance of Ms. Fish and the Midget

All copyrights remain with the authors and artists.

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