More Mad Rantings

Bad News in Babylon, by Mike Walsh | Letters and Comics – Not for the weak of heart

Ask Dr. Tim Coats: He's Real Smart

Punctuation for People with Big Cocks by Joe Queenan

Call for Vagina-Related Manuscripts

Feature Articles

Burnette G. Pletan: The Fastest Artist in the World by B. Amundson

Ode to Ben Burroughs by Kevin Monko (with R. L. Malloy)

The Fabulous Gobbler Supper Club and Motel by Kittl Kocol and Lois Mathison



Happy Hour by Alan Devenish | Story for a Cold Night by Mark Morganstern | Harry's Dog by Michael Causey


Midnight Move by klipschutz

Poems by Gary Sterling, Madelyn Braverman, Joel Dailey, David Reid Dillon, Ronald Edward Kittell, and Molly Russakoff (with frames)

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