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Tilt Yourself All Over the Damn Place!!!

Welcome to the Expresso Tilt Online Anthology, a collection of humor, satire, fiction, poetry, articles, and cartoons. Expresso Tilt was published as a magazine from 1984 to 1990. Unlike most other magazines, Expresso Tilt published no Joyce Carol Oates!!! This long overdue editor's note will explain the whole thing. And here's an introduction by Derek Davis.

Featured Pages

The Expresso Tilt Penis Page
How a self-respecting magazine became an outlet for a sick obsession.

People Page
Our kinda people: Al Alberts, Leonard Nimoy, S. P. Dinsmoor, David Cassidy, Burnette G. Pletan, Marjorie Orcutt, etc.

Tilt Short Story Collection
Links to all the great short stories.

Expresso Poems
All the poems by author.

Expresso Tilt Funnies
The weird and hilarious comics all in one place.

Featured Contributors
The writers and artists who defined the Tilt with links to their work.

What is Expresso Tilt!?

"Expresso Tilt has a terrific sense of how to walk the knife edge between parody and perverted reality ... all done without cracking a smile, which makes it that much more of a snort." --Welcomat

" oddball quest for meaning in a mad world." --City Paper

"Expresso Tilt is not about political posturing or lectures; it's about poking fun at the myths we invent to deal with our hopes and fears." --South Philly Review

"Neodada expression with a funny bone that sticks right ... in the small of my back. A magazine of reverence and irreverence tucked inside some truth.... This is the People Magazine of the small press... and it's ten times better. Great reading!" --Mockersatz

"The desperate visions of a few people trying to get a few laughs before the SS-20s leave their berths." --Planet Detroit

"Everything about this mag is great. The articles are poignantly pointless, the comics and fiction are zany and deep. Irreverent and energetic..." --Comet Halley

"Now THIS is different. Parodical, radical, hilarious... Yesireebob. This is not your ordinary magazine, and I recommend it highly." --Impetus

"A seriously funny magazine." --Beef

Since some pages in this site contain strong language and material of a sexual nature, Expresso Tilt is not appropriate for children. However, it does not contain overtly obscene or pornographic material or pictures of nude people. Mostly, it's just off-the-wall.

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