Letters and Comics from No.10

"The New Simpsons" -- Homer, Joyce Carol Oates, and their children, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie -- could become America's favorite TV family, and the biggest prime-time cartoon hit, since "The Flintstones."

Kitty Kocol

Just a note to all you criminals out there. Please keep stealing things so people will think those Traveller's Checks are actually necessary.

Thank You, Karl Malden


Dear Expresso T, I've got a serious problem. Every time I try to write the word "you," it comes out "U." People thought it was cute at first, but I think they're starting to get a bit pissed off. At a concert the other night, I could hear fans calling me "Dweeb" and "Half Pint." That hurts. Do U you think this problem could be genetic, or is it just an extreme case of purple prose? Should I change colors? Please help me out on this one. Thank U you,

Miserable in Minneapolis


Whoa!! I'm going nuts. I'm right here in the living room, and right next door is the kitchen, and that's where Dinah is. But it isn't just that. There's someone in there with her, right in the kitchen!! I'm pretty sure I know who it is, but I gotta have more proof. Anyhow, this guy I think I know isn't just sittin' there talkin'. No, the bastard's strummin' on a banjo!! A fuckin' OLD banjo!! And that ain't the half of it. Besides the banjo, he's singing, 'Fe - Fi - Fiddlee I Oh, Fe - Fi - Fiddlee I Oh Oh Oh Oh." It's quiet at first, then louder and louder. I ain't shittin' ya. Over and over and over. I'm fuckin' losin' it big time. I swear, pretty soon I'm gonna have to burn that sucker out!!!



Let's clear this thing up once and for all. I wasn't the baby in Eraserhead, okay? Never was, never will be.

Sincerely, The Other E.T.

P.S. It's real hard to call home since they switched to that SPRINT system.


Dudes, Hope you can settle an argument. It's like this. I say I'm Milli, and he says he's Milli, but I know he's Vanilli because I'm the real Milli, and I was Milli first and never Vanilli, and I will never be Vanilli, and he's just in a real serious Vanilli denial space, man. Please get ahold of me soon on this because we're about to duke it out backstage again.

Danke Schoen, Milli




Please return the money for my subscription. Things are a little tight right now. Also, please reconsider printing excerpts from my new book. I think you would find them fascinating, contrary to what those media scumbags say. I'm certain a magazine as prestigious as yours could afford my very reasonable reprint fees.

Thank you, The Donald


Look at these pleats. Look at our hip little glasses. Listen to our groovy, bland patter. Look at our stone-washed effect. Imagine our good-looking wives. We're better than you in every way imaginable.

The Guys in the Docker Ads


Will someone please explain to me how I got so pathetic so quick?

Sally Strothers


Loved the last ish. I would read a little bit each day right after the Governor went to work and just before I'd pass out. It took me four months to get through, but I think it was really worth it. Keep up the good work.

Much love, Kitty D.


So I hear all this talk about Don Johnson being so great in the sack and having such a big dick, etc., etc., and so like a fool, I believe it all and wind up married to the guy, and it turns out his penis looks like the runt in a litter of newborn hamsters!!! Jesus!!! I'd like to expose this phony stud hombre, but I'm pretty darn busy taking off my clothes for no particular reason in movies. Could you help expose this pathetic eunuch to the world for me? I'd really appreciate it, guys, and I might even get naked for you sometime in the future.

Frustrated in Aspen, Melanie

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