Poetry from the Early Expressos


She Didn't Want the Toaster

I'll tape it up, plug it in, fill it
with scotch, shove two straws down the slots
and a salt bridge up my nose,

turn on the juice full blast
and the first sip
will goldplate my teeth.

Let fuses blow,
let hurricanes wrap towns with telephone wires,
let all the tedious surplus wedding gifts

march out of closets, mocking her farewell.
I'll drown that toaster like a toothache
in a swimming pool of novacain.

I'll dive in, I'll embrace it
like a floating hunk of shipwreck.

-- Jon Daunt

Madonna Poems

Politician's Madonna
writes 15 poems a
day about being some
vote already sewed up
knows how to straddle anything

Blood Red Nail Polish Madonna
she covers up
is hard, glassy
and bold, a
little chippy

Minnestrone Madonna
cuts you in
to little pieces
and lets you boil
in your own juice

New Age Madonna
likes what you
can't prove
has pyramids
for tits

-- lyn lifshin

Little Abner

sits around the old ozark
wood stove at the country store
his head filled with
visions of the good old days
talks with
joe palooka wears
a wide-rimmed hat
chews on straw and sings
old lullabys hating the
ghost of al capp
for throwing in the towel

-- A. D. Winans


an art

known only to those
who jack

with the mothers
of invention

-- Sheryl L. Nelms

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