Poetry from No.5



you were California to me
for you I went West
for you I became a U.S. Marshall
for you I hung sixshooters on my brain
& cleaned up the town
for you I died with my boots on
for you I hitched my wagon to a star

& what did you do for me baby

-- Richard Allen

Details at 10:00

There's no other hurt
like the hurt of a fine-toothed comb
pulled over somebody's liver.
Details at 10:00.

-- Wayne Hogan

Filing for Divorce

I was standing beneath this tree,
No! Wait, it wasn't a tree,
it was some sort of domestic animal
like a cat, yeeeah, it was a cat.

So I was standing beneath this cat
just talking with her kittens and . . .
Hell, let me think, they weren't kittens
but a pair of sunglasses, Vuarnet

I think . . . You know though
I really don't remember the sun
even being out that morning,
I must be wrong about the glasses.

My God! It wasn't a pair of glasses
I was talking to, it wasn't even
that cat's kittens. It was Carol,
I was talking to my wife Carol.

-- R. Evan Pitts

Einstein's Analysis of an Affair with an Older Woman

she was like deep sunshine,
as subtle as radiation.
from my wet urge
she hid her underground rainbow.
at night I counted the stars
in her perfect crown.
a flickering smile
rearranged my atoms
till I wrinkled,
and watched her leave
in timeless dark.

-- Tim Peeler

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