by Richard Wilmarth

i can't shut the tv off
i'm trapped
i must be addicted
i watch all day ... all night
i watch the sports:
baseball, tennis, basketball, football

i watch the news
i am an astute political observer
i see the commercials
and I am sometimes amused


great dream in life
is to move to a roominghouse
in a university town
and pay cash money
for cable tv
and watch television

television is reality
yes, real life
television is love
television is sex


television is my best friend

sometimes when i am bored
i put the radio on
and shut off the sound
on the tv
and watch the picture

it's great
it's wonderful
it all matches: the picture

the sound, my life
and television


i can't shut it off
i don't care
i don't feel guilty
i love the movies
i love the situation comedies
i love the police shows
i love my television
i love my country
i don't care
i'm happy i married my television

to have little television babies
to take over the planet
to take over the solar system
to take over the galaxy
to take over the universe

so we can all watch television
so we can all tune in at the same time
so we can say the order of the universe is

personified on television
so we can say we watched
we listened
we consumed
we are the absolute truth

for all time
for all places
we are the television generation

i dont care
i don't feel guilty
i can't shut the tv off
i don't care
i'm trapped

television is god

i am

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